Active 2001-2013

CGAR Mission:
To enhance aviation-related research, education, technology transfer and utilization in mission critical areas; to respond to the research interest and needs of the aviation industry through synergistic relationships developed between academia, industry and government.

Criteria of success:

  1. The ability of the Center to provide national leadership in making contributions of air transportation problems.The ability to disseminate results through a continuing education program.

  2. The ability to create self-sufficiency so the Center is not reliant upon funding support from the Federal Aviation Administration.

NIAR became a core member of the FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation Research (CGAR) in April 2001. Participating universities include Wichita State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, The University of North Dakota, Florida A & M University and University of Alaska. ERAU is the lead university and handles the management of the organization. NIAR has a leadership role in composite materials and crashworthiness in this Center. However, all universities are viewed as equal contributors to research activities.CGAR’s industry partners include but are not limited to: Aeroshell, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Frasca, Goodrich, Jeppesen, Lancair, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Sun Microsystems. The combination of the research facilities allows a diverse group of capabilities, including use of wind tunnels, non-destructive testing, propulsion labs, crash towers, fire analysis, safety, CAD/CAM, human factors labs and a variety of large fleet aircraft and maintenance hangars.Research topics at any of CGAR’s facilities are assigned by the FAA, and joint projects are initiated by a team lead or project investigator. The ability to work together enables CGAR’s participating universities to conduct research that they would otherwise be unable to do by themselves.


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