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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I gain access to NCAMP reports and documents

a. For published reports go to our website :

b. For reviewing DRAFT reports, Register as a user on Portal. Once registered, click on the Documents for Review Tab (

c. Statistical Analysis Related items see:


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CMH-17 PMC Data Review Voting Membership

The CMH-17 PMC Data Review Working Group (DRWG) maintains an active membership roster of participating voting members in the working group (WG).  These members compose the review and voting electorate of the WG.


Prior to consideration for publication to the Handbook, each data set undergoes a review process that includes the following documents:

-       Statistical analysis report

-       Data set pedigree documentation

-       Data table pages in Handbook format

The Voting Member will be required to review these documents and vote on them in a timely fashion (usually a 5 week review period). The member may vote Affirmative, Affirmative with Comment, Negative with Comment, or Abstain. During this review, the member should be looking for areas of concern and adherence to CMH-17 standards.

Typically, there are approximately 10 data sets to review per year. If no activity is received from a member for three successive voting cycles, the member will be removed from the DRWG Voting Membership.

How to join:

Membership to the committee may be requested by any person wishing to participate in reviewing data and providing comments which would improve the quality of the DRWG.  Upon this request to the DRWG chairmen, this person will be added to the WG.  Please contact if you are interested in joining.

Conducting an Equivalency program using NCAMP process - Where to get started

    *Information about equivalency process including the test statistics and its limitations can be found in Section 6 of DOT/FAA/AR-03/19*  

  1. Get a test plan in place. NCAMP can help in generating test plans.
  2. Make sure local ACO and customers recognize and accept the NCAMP Process. Depending on application, additional test methods may be required for meeting equivalency. Consult with Team Engineers and local certifying agency.  
  3. Get an AIR appointed for panel fabrication (AIR can be a DAR or someone from the company’s QA dept. – QA dept should be managed by a separate manager from the manufacturing lab). – Submit application to NCAMP (form NQP 100) 
  4. Once test plan is in place and certification authorities (if applicable) and program participants have reviewed the document, an AER will recommend approval of the NTP, and NIAR can Quote the test program.
  5. Procure material to the appropriate NMS, conduct necessary incoming receiving  tests as required, ensure PMC data sheet and CoC are available.
  6. NCAMP will issue an RIV (equivalent to an RFC) for appointed AIR to conduct work (panel fabrication inspection), as well as for the AIR and AER who will do inspection at NIAR during testing process.
  7. Panels and accompanying documents will be sent to NIAR for processing and testing.
  8. Draft reports are generated from the data – sent to company (and participants) and AER for review.
  9. Documents will be finalized/released when all parties have reviewed and agree with data.
  10. NCAMP Documents, Applications and our Standard Operating Procedures can be found at the following site:     

Typical time frame for an equivalency program is 5-7 month at a cost of ~55k. Program duration and cost will vary based on material type and test methods done.


* NCAMP does not decide if a program passes or fails equivalency. A comparison of the data is provided in a statistical analysis report to allow for informed judgment by the participant and their customer. *


Troubleshooting Access/Website

Problem: When I click on a link it takes me to an Error Page.

 Solution: Try using a new browser, if it does not work can you navigate to the desired page? Otherwise Contact:  Evelyn Lian at

 Problem: I'm having trouble accessing my account.

 Solution: Follow the reset password link on the log in page. You will need to know your username. If you have forgotten both username and password, Contact:  Evelyn Lian at

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