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Ballistic and Impact Dynamics Research Lab

Ballistic and Impact Dynamics Research Lab

The Ballistic and Impact Dynamics Research Lab provides testing and materials research associated with high-energy projectile impacts of aircraft structure, equipment and components. The lab is designed specifically to better understand the dynamics of impact and material performance.


  • Fire ballistic projectiles from 22-50 caliber rounds
  • Can accommodate various projectile styles
  • Tumbling rounds for various calibers and ammunition (required for most pressure vessel specifications)
  • Rounds can be fired from various distances: 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet
  • Drop tests for up to 35 ft.
  • Over-pressure burst testing and high-risk testing
  • Ballistic impact of materials or structure under load
  • Ballistic protection and impact loading
  • Test of pressure vessels and oxygen tanks
  • Bonfire testing
  • Environmental testing


  • 25ft x 25ft x 35ft reinforced concrete containment
  • Control room where clients can safely monitor all aspects of the test and record numerous streams of high speed video, pressure, temperature and strain data
  • Located at the world renowned Aircraft Structural Test and Evaluation Center

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