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Aviation Psychology and Human Factors

Aviation Psychology and Human Factors

Our applied and theoretical research projects are designed to meet the immediate needs of our clients in regard of Human Information Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Automation, and Human Ergonomics.


  • Human Factors design and evaluation of UAV Operator Stations
  • Member of the Style Guide Working Group for the Development and Standardization of HMI elements for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Evaluation Toolbox for Aviation Technical Writers
  • CATIA-based ergonomic and anthropometric evaluations
  • Interface design and evaluation
  • Assessment of cognitive and physical workload
  • Computational modeling of human performance
  • Use of state-of-the-art FAA- and JAA-approved full-flight simulators for aviation projects

Facilities & Equipment

  • ATC-810 twin engines CPT/IFR flight simulator
  • TRACOR AR9S audiometric booth
  • DriveSim driving simulator
  • Tobii ET-17 eyetracker
  • OASIS software for analyzing handwriting and other fine motor control
  • Custom software developed in-house for studying computer input device control
  • Virtual research V8 HMD (head-mounted display)
  • 2-sensor flock of birds motion tracker
  • CATIA V5 with Human Builder & Kinematics

Representative Clients
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., General Atomics Aircraft Systems Group, General Atomics Reconnaissance Systems Group, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Air Force, Cessna Aircraft Company.

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