NIAR Reverse Engineering Lab at Wichita State University
NIAR Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

The Reverse Engineering Laboratory supports local and national industry to create 3D models from physical parts and products. Within one lab, we can reverse engineer a part, make design modifications and inspect to the new design or original CAD data.


  • High Detailed 3-D Laser Scanning and point cloud generation
  • Long Range 3-D Laser Scanning and point cloud generation
  • Digital Inspection of physical parts
  • Reverse Engineering physical parts to solid
  • CAD geometry

Reverse Engineering Lab Equipment

  • Hexagon Metrology 4.5.4 SF CMM
    - Shop Floor CMM
  • 6' Romer Absolute Arm
    - Point repeatability less than .025mm
  • CMS 108 Scan Head to attach to Romer Arm
    - Captures 30,000 points per second
    - Point Cloud Accuracy: 0.002"
  • Leica P40 HDR 3D Scanner
    - Hemispherical scanning up to 885ft
    - Up to 1 million points per second
    - HDR imaging integrated into scan data
  • Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 & Leica Absolute Tracker AT960
    - Portable Long range CMM and Target Tracking
    - T-Scan, T-Probe, T-Mac
    - Long Range Scanning and Probing
  • Surphaser25HSX Hemispherical Scanner
    - Portable long range scanning
    - 1.2 million points per second scanning
    - Range: Approximately 200ft
  • Cognitens WLS400A White Light System
    - Field of View: 20"x20" or 27.5"x27.5"
    - Point Cloud Accuracy: 0.004"
  • Q-Flash White Light System
    - Field of View: 14"x14"
    - Point Cloud Accuracy: 0.004"
    - Portable and handheld
  • Creaform Go!SCAN 50
    - Handheld portability
    - Instant data alignment from parts geometry
    - Full Color Scan
    - Part Size range 1 - 10ft

Software Available

  • CATIA V5 & V6
  • Spacial Analyzer
  • Polyworks
  • Magics


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